Maisie Hill talks about how the ‘autumn phase of life’ is about so much more than hot flashes. Perimenopause is an opportunity to confront your suppressed feelings and write your next chapter.

Maisie Hill photo by Rebecca Douglas

A definitive guide to getting your tone in writing right — right now

Photo by Tim Mossholder

Want to carve out your own niche as an entrepreneur or successful creative? Full-time artist and writer Lisa Congdon shares her wisdom in her new book, “You Will Leave a Trail of Stars.”

Lisa Congdon photo by Christopher Dibble

Are you a cannacurious parent? Meet Danielle Simone Brand, author of ‘Weed Mom.’

Solid advice from a full-time creative. Meet Shaina Feinberg, a New York Times columnist, film director, and co-author of “Every Body, An Honest and Open Look at Sex from Every Angle”

Looking for the best 2021 year overview horoscopes for your sign? Here’s a list of the best-written horoscopes for each astrological sign, including horoscopes by AstroTwins, Chani Nicholas, and Sophie Saint Thomas.

2021 in stars
2021 in stars

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