Get featured: Seeking inspiring women in their 40s and 50s for The Midst editorial interview program

Amy Cuevas Schroeder
6 min readMar 8, 2023
Shaina Feinberg, Lesley Ware, Samantha Dion Baker, and Nina Lorez Collins

Are you a woman in your 40s or 50s? Are you building a brand or business, carving out a niche, or changing the world in some shape or form? I want to tell your story — and the The Midst community wants to read it.

The opportunity

Build your personal brand with a long-form editorial interview (~1,000–1,600 words). We’ll publish your interview on and The Midst Substack. We specialize in telling stories about women innovating in the arts, tech, publishing, women’s health, and entrepreneurship.

How it works

One of our writer-editors will conduct a brief interview with you (via Zoom) and also send questions for you to answer in a Google Doc or via email. The writer-editor will write an introduction, copy-edit the Q&A conversation, select feature quotes, and share the piece with you for review before we publish. Our editorial directors, Amy Cuevas Schroeder and Laurie White, will do a final edit and consult on SEO keyword strategy.

From there, we’ll publish on as well as The Midst Substack. We’ll promote your profile in our newsletter and our social media.

SEO consult: Let’s help you get found in Google Search

Let’s talk about your content strategy goals. For example, are you hoping to rank highly for your name and a particular search term in Google? Or perhaps you’re hoping to build your brand as “the leading [fill in the blank] in [X city.]” We’ll use SEMRush to advise on they keywords and phrases to incorporate into your story.

How much does it cost?


About The Midst audience

The Midst readers are primarily American women in their 40s. Read more about our reader demographics and what makes them tick in our reader survey summary.

  • Nearly 70% are in their 40s
  • 48% live in an urban environment; 38% in the suburbs
  • 62% are married; 15% are loving their single life
  • 53% are seasoned or advanced in…



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