How to Come Out of the Cannabis Closet as a Responsible Parent

Are you a cannacurious parent? Meet Danielle Simone Brand, author of ‘Weed Mom.’

You’ve reinvented yourself professionally and personally more than a few times in your adult life. How and why?

Are you a full-time writer?

You don’t consume cannabis around your kids, and you recognize that it’s not healthy for them to consume cannabis at a young age. Do they know you enjoy cannabis?

You believe that weed can be enjoyed in moderation by many adults, parents among them, and that — when used judiciously — it is neither a gateway drug, nor in conflict with normal functioning. In your opinion and experience, what do you believe is “cannabis in moderation”? How much do you personally consume on average?

What are your favorite forms of cannabis? Do you consume cannabis with Sativa strains, to stimulate the mind and promote creativity?

How do you think your cannabis use will evolve? Do you view your 40s as a particularly important time to use cannabis, and do you think you’ll change how you use it in your 50s?

“Yes, flowering cannabis plants are female.”

How did you come out of the weed closet, and how do you recommend that parents join you?

Does the same advice in ‘Weed Mom’ apply to dads?

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