Introducing The Midst, the gateway drug for the modern 40-something experience

Amy Cuevas Schroeder
5 min readFeb 7, 2023

I experimented for three years with Jumble & Flow, learned a ton about what makes women in their 40s tick, and now we’re ready for a re-brand

When I started Jumble & Flow in 2019, it was nothing more than a scrappy personal blog to vent my frustrations about perimenopause and the struggle to get a diagnosis from doctors. Venting aside, I learned a ton about the effects of fluctuating estrogen and how most American doctors spend very little time learning about perimenopause in med school.

Thanks to the internet, I finally found a menopause health specialist practice in Chicago and documented my learnings in a series called Adventures in Perimenopause. That led to other women in their 40s and 50s encouraging me to keep going, and from there, Jumble & Flow has grown into a collective of women sharing their Grown-Ass Lady experiences — from sex in your 40s to career changes in the name of joy to anxiety management and chronic pain.

Now in 2023, armed with reader feedback and analytics, we’re making plans for the next iteration: a rebrand to become The Midst. Before we re-launch our new brand and website, we’re taking steps to ensure we build something sticky and meaningful. For now, we’re “soft launching” The Midst here on Substack and are excited to hear what you really think. We’re also inviting readers to vote for their favorite Midst logo here.

Our goal is to transform the conversation about these [pick your own adjective] years. We fortysomethings are no longer “over the hill” — we’re in the prime of our lives. We publish thoughtful stories that empower women in the midst of life to reimagine this period as a time of growth, exploration, and possibility.

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Why are we changing our name from Jumble & Flow to The Midst?

Nothing against Jumble & Flow, but we’ve evolved since 2019. Now everyone (OK, not everyone) is talking about peri and menopause — from The New York Times



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