No More Faking the Funk: How One Black Woman Turned Her Back on Silicon Valley Startup Culture

After weathering her fair share of workplace politics, sexism, and racial inequity, Candice Nobles is returning to herself by helping to build businesses she believes in.

Getting into tech, learning the system, and getting out

How did you make the decision to not work for companies that don’t align with your values?

You’ve talked about inequality in the tech world for some time now. How do you feel about this moment now? Meaning, we’re starting to see some evidence of change, such as white executives stepping down.

“The privilege pipeline is entrenched in tech culture and it will take quite some time for significant change.”

What have been some of the most frustrating or painful experiences of your career?

You’ve advocated for women to get paid more — what was that process like, and did it work?

What is your advice for women and people of color who want to be paid equally? Do you believe in salary transparency?

“There’s no way to get equitable pay without transparency.”

What is your personal career mission now?

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