Taking a ‘Quality Over Quick’ Approach to Customer Support in the Pandemic

This is how Modern Fertility guides customers through the ups and downs of uncertainty

Jen Lehr is Modern Fertility’s customer experience team lead.

How are things going for you and Modern Fertility’s customer experience team since the onset of the pandemic?

The most important function of our team has always been to support people through uncertainty. We do a lot of educating on the idea that there’s no absolute predictor of fertility, and work to connect our customers with the resources they need to feel confident in their plans and next steps.

“Eliminating uncertainty is not possible — but knowing that you’re making decisions based on the highest quality information available is the next best thing.”

When the pandemic hit and shelter-in-place orders began, we worked with our marketing team to centralize a communications plan for customers. Our lab remained open, so we were very fortunate that our supply chain was unaffected.

What are your team’s top priorities now — are they different than pre-COVID-19?

Our team’s top priority has always been to make every customer feel like we are their personal fertility team. That definitely hasn’t changed. Fertility can be a really emotional topic, pandemic or no pandemic. So we’re looking to layer on the TLC as much as we can and link customers to the best resources Modern Fertility has to offer, whether that be a webinar, a one-to-one consultation with a fertility nurse, or our online Modern Community where customers can chat with others about their fertility journeys.

Have you pivoted or made any significant changes in your approach, communications style, or messaging with customers?

For some people, thinking through their fertility timeline right now could be a big source of stress, and they’d prefer to pick things back up later. For others, having more info now is an essential source of reassurance.

What new ways of working have worked well for you and your team?

When customers have questions that are more clinical in nature, it’s usually very well-received when we let them know that we’re checking with our clinical team regarding their question. We respond as soon as we have more info from an expert source, such as a doctor or a fertility nurse.

What are your top tips for other organizations that need to change their approach to customer service and support during the pandemic?

I think the most important thing right now is proactive communication wherever possible. For example, we had a number of customers writing in asking if our lab was still open, so we sent out an email blast to everyone who had already ordered to reassure them that we’re still accepting samples. Customers understand that there’s a lot going on in the world right now, so just touching base can be helpful.

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